INSIDE JHARKHAND STUDIES is dedicated to IAS (UPSC), JPSC, BPSC Civil Services Examination preparation.  The Centre is run by a group of retired IAS and IRS Officers. IAS coaching is rarely done by IAS themselves. Most of those involved currently are generalist who are not specialized in such coaching. This new centre in Ranchi is venturing in the field of competitions particularly in civil services. The students of the state have to go Delhi in search of materials and actual coaching. They not only consume a lot of their money and but also lose their precious time. Besides they grope in the dark about the most appropriate institute. Most of them naturally opt for the best ranked but such places have such a big gathering that they even accommodate two hundred students in one class.

Our Centre is designed to change such approach and it will endeavor to teach the students with minimum course fees so as to make it affordable for the middle and weaker classes. Our new Centre is not going to admit more than 40 students per class so that each and every student is paid adequate attention. The effort of the Centre shall be focused on the best time management and knowledge enhancement of the student.

Obviously the objective cannot be achieved without engaging best of the faculty available in Ranchi. The material will be original and authoritative. Students will learn to distinguish their writings in the main examinations by timely tips of the experts and he specialist. Presentation and reproduction of learning is very important. Erudition is of no use unless the student translates what he knows.


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